Wednesday, January 23, 2008


  Blokus was fun to play right out of the box. The directions are simple enough to be playing within a minute. Learning how to play the game well takes longer.
  Each person has colored tiles connected in different patterns. These tiles must be laid down corner-to-corner with the same color. Players try to block each other and leave themselves enough space to play all their pieces.
  We found that if two players use one color each, it's too easy. If two players play two colors each, it's a game that is as challenging as a four-person game.
  Young children will enjoy the colorful tiles that look like jewels. Older children will enjoy mercilessly blocking off their parents. Blokus has won many awards, and I can see that the game has educational value, teaching spacial relationships and logic. The education isn't heavy-handed, however, and Blokus is a fun, competitive game that takes about 20 minutes to play.
  For ages 5 to adult, 1-4 players. Cost: About $25.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Jessica said...

We LOVE this game and you are right about it being more fun with 3 to 4 players or by using more than 1 color. The kids have come up with funny names for various pieces based on what they look like to them. The funniest was when son said, "I'm going to flush ya with my toilet!" Go see if you can find the toilet!