Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucky Ducks

  Lucky Ducks is one of those battery games. Yellow, plastic ducks ride around an electronic pond while a quacking sound repeats. Each duck has a shape under it, and the ducks are sorted as players pick them up.
  My 3-year-old doesn't have much patience for playing this as a game. She prefers to play alone with the ducks as a toy. My older children think the game is too boring to play.
  My biggest criticism of the game is a packaging issue. In order to fit the game back into the box, both sides of the box must be opened so that three ducks can be tucked into each corner. Another problem is that the red button in the center, which makes the pond move and quack, gets hit right through the box. I don't have any luck turning off the pond through the box, so I have to take the ducks out of one side, pull out the pond, turn it off, and then pack it back away.
  Maybe a more sophisticated game owner wouldn't have these problems. Maybe some people wouldn't be bothered by the quacking. Maybe some kids would play more with the game. But not us.
  For ages 3 and older, 2-4 players. Cost: About $20.

Our rating: 1 out of 5 stars


Posy said...

We have this at my job. I work for ECFE, early childhood family education, here in MN.

3 and 4 year olds seem to love this game. 2's are not so interested in the game but love the ducks.

My biggest complaint is how loud the game is. We put a pad and tape over the speaker and it still overtakes the sound in a classroom full of 12 kids, 12 parents, and 3-4 staff. That's loud!

Jessica said...

I have the same comment about the on/off button too! It must the last game to put on the shelf and WHY IS THERE NOT ENOUGH ROOM for all the ducks!!! Maybe so you'll lose some and have to purchase more? The kids do like the game!

winker said...

Used to play this all the time w/my family. Game itself isn't that fun, but ducks are always cool, so it's ok.