Friday, November 2, 2007

Clue Jr.

  Clue Jr. is one of many classic games reworked for younger players. I'm not often fond of these, but this one is better than most.
  You don't need to read to play this game because your clue pad has pictures. However, you must be able to recognize numbers and mark your pad correctly without help. It seems a very narrow window of time from when a child is capable of playing this game and when he learns to read. However, those who can read will enjoy the game, too.
  Players are not looking for a murderer in this game. Rather, they're trying to discover who ate the piece of cake, at what time, with which beverage. It's nice not to be violent, but I can't help but remember how the original Clue game, for me as a child, kept my interest in part because I was so horrified at the idea of being killed with a lead pipe or wrench.
  There is no such edge-of-your-seat scenario here. Players move from room to room trying to get the chance to peek under all the people and all the pieces of furniture. It can take a little too long, and kind grownups will probably know the answer awhile before they let the children guess. Tough-love grownups will find themselves winning every time, not as much fun for anyone, if you ask me.
  The pieces are tippy, and often get knocked over by young players, which is stressful because the hidden answers are underneath each piece. Adults would be kind to remind kids to mark down their answers every time they peek under a game piece.
  For ages 5-8, 2-6 players. Cost: About $10.

Our rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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