Friday, November 2, 2007


  Othello is another one of those logic games that doesn't take too much time to learn or play. I like that my toddlers have enjoyed playing with the pieces, which are smooth and feel nice to place in the velvety squares. The chips could be a choking hazard, so supervise small children.
  This game is easy to handicap, too, for example by giving a younger child a couple of corners right from the start. If you give them all four corners, good luck, because they'll probably win no matter what you do.
  The game is played by turning over the chips again and again as each player puts down a piece so that his color is on either end of the opponent's color. The rules take some explaining, but are logical and easy to understand. As the box says, "A minute to learn ... a lifetime to master!" That's trademarked, y'all.
  We've had some emotional outbursts playing this game with young children. Something about having all their pieces turned over to the other color is upsetting. But it's another game I like for its simplicity and short play time.
  For ages 8 to adult (or younger if you're not using rules), 2 players. Cost: About $12.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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