Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Junior Labyrinth

  Junior Labyrinth, like other games from Ravensburger, has a box, board and pieces that have a nice texture to them. The playing pieces, which look like ghosts, are made of thick cardboard on plastic stands. The maze squares are the same thick cardboard, and up to the task of being handled a lot.
  Each player is a ghost in a maze. By choosing a coin, players see what object in the maze they're trying to get to. They slide in their one maze piece to alter the maze, hopefully reaching their goal.
  I modify the rules for younger players by saying they can replace a maze piece instead of having to slide a piece in. You can imagine how much this would change the game, because sometimes, sliding a piece in alters more than you anticipated.
  That's the value of Junior Labyrinth as a learning game. It can be quite a puzzle to figure out a way to get through the maze, and there almost always is a way if you look hard enough.
  Our family doesn't have the regular version of Labyrinth. Now that the kids are getting older, maybe we'll have to get it and compare.
  My one criticism is that the game board doesn't lie as flat as it should, and this makes it hard to slide the maze pieces across the fold.
  For ages 5 and older, 1-4 players. Cost: About $19.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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