Tuesday, October 16, 2007


  Batik is one of those games that such simple rules that anyone can play, and has such an interesting premise that people of all ages will think it's fun.
  The game comes with a couple versions of the rules, but the basic play is to take turns dropping shapes into a clear wall. The first player whose piece sticks out the top loses. A game only takes a minute.
  Although the game box says it's for ages 6 and older, I think younger children can play it with supervision. It's great for taking turns: "My turn. Your turn." Putting the wooden pieces inbetween the plastic walls is good practice for fine-motor skills. For older children, strategy comes into play. Put your big pieces in first; try to estimate how much room is left for the other player.
  The wooden game pieces feel nice to hold, and the game box is sturdy and attractive. I brought a laundry basket full of games to a multi-family picnic, and this was the game kids were lining up to try.
  For ages 6-99 (I would say much younger can play), 2 players. Cost: About $25.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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