Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Original Memory Game

  Original Memory Game is better than later, more commercial versions with pictures of cartoon characters or artsy illustrations that appeal more to adults than to children. I used this game when my son was in speech therapy at age 2 and 3, and we would say the words out loud for whatever object we flipped over. Since the Original Memory Game uses pictures of a wide variety of everyday objects, this was helpful for his speech. Because he didn't have to speak well to play it, he could still succeed at the game.
  Consider different ways to play with the game's simple cards. You could use only 10 of them for a simple game. You could lay out five of them face-up and tell a story using the pictures in order. You could play taking turns, or make it a lightning-round free-for-all.
  I like very much that the illustrations are simple and easy to recognize. They aren't childlike, but are drawn with care to appeal to children. For example, the pizza has pepperoni on it; the house has a chimney and doorknob; the pig is rolling in mud. These are the kinds of details children put in their own drawings, and these details give parents opportunities to talk about the pictures.
  For ages 3-6, 1 or more players. No reading required. Cost: About $9.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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