Monday, October 29, 2007

Black Box

  Black Box was made by Parker Brothers in the late 1970s and isn't made anymore. See the Wikipedia listing for a thorough explanation of the rules. I mention this because the game could be played on grid paper. Each of two players would use a piece of grid paper marked out to be an 8x8 grid. The "hider" marks four or five squares on the grid; pretend there's a ball in those chosen squares. The "seeker" tries to find these squares by pretending to send a laser beam into the grid. This laser beam bounces off the "balls" and then leaves the grid. By observing how this laser beam bounces, the seeker should be able to figure out which squares on the grid the hider chose.
  This is a good game for nonreaders, for kids who like to solve puzzles and for those who like logic games. The purchased game, which was mine as a kid, was cool because the box is black and the pieces are red, yellow and orange, so the contrast was interesting. The rules were unlike other games we had. The purchased game uses a crayon wipe-off grid for hiding the balls. This is something that could be useful for a homemade version of this game.
  For ages 10 to adult, 2 players. Cost: About $10 on ebay, or make your own game with grid paper.

Our rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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