Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Design Discoveries

  Design Discoveries is an old game that I bought at a rummage sale. The game I own is made by Discovery Toys, but there are plenty of versions of this learning toy, in which colored tiles are placed in an outline. The cards with the outlines on them range in difficulty from simply putting down the correct shapes to figuring out which shapes must be used to fill a complex picture.
  This is a nice, quiet activity for children that will keep them busy for 20 minutes or so. The downside is if they're not old enough to clean up their toys, it can be a big mess. And if you lose any pieces, it's possible that kids won't be able to solve all the picture cards.
  I like the wooden pieces in my game, unlike the foam pieces of some others. The foam pieces are irresistible for some children to bite into, creating an even worse choking hazard than the small pieces already are, in addition to ruining the game.
  Melissa & Doug has a couple versions of this game, including one specifically for preschoolers.
  For ages 3-10, 1 player. Cost: Varies, $10-30.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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