Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let's Go Fishin'

  Let's Go Fishin' is the rare game I like that requires batteries. Of course, the game needs only one "C" battery, and it doesn't wear out too quickly, so that helps. Add to that the fact that the kids play it a lot, and I'm convinced it's a good game.
  The game is cheap, plastic and we own it because I got it as a gift. It appeals to the kids in a way I don't really understand. They seem to think the fishes' gaping mouths are dangerous and exciting. When we get together with other families to play chess, I'll bring this game for the little ones to play, and they look forward to it.
  I'd say you can forget about playing this like a game, and see it as a toy. Players use one of the four fishing poles to catch the fish, which move in a circle, bopping up and down, opening and closing their mouths. The game really is too hard, and the kids end up grabbing the fish with their fingers. For some reason, they still enjoy it.
  My daughter peeled all the eyeball stickers off the fish, and we're missing a few, which I'm sure are around the house somewhere, but that's just evidence to the fact that the game is a family favorite.
  For ages 4 and older, 1-4 players. Needs one "C" battery. Cost: About $10.

Our rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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