Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boggle Jr.

  Unlike Boggle, Boggle Jr. has been sitting on the shelf getting dusty. I don't dislike it terribly, and it gets played with enough that I haven't gotten rid of it, but it's not very much fun.
  The game consists of cards with simple words printed on them, cubes with letters on them, and a tray to set it all in. There are two levels of play, one in which you look at the word and find the correct letters, the other in which you cover up the word and have to spell it yourself.
  I think the problem with the game is that it's tedious to search all the sides of the cubes to find the correct letter. If my daughter knows that "lion" starts with "L," she would like to move the game along quicker than she can if she has to stop and find the "L" on the block. (Is there an "L" on this block? Nope. How about this block? No? How about this one? Nope? How about this one?)
  For ages 3 to 6, 1 or more players. Cost: About $10.

Our rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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