Wednesday, October 17, 2007


  Unfortunately, the game Splat! isn't made anymore. It's a Milton Bradley game from 1990, and I got mine at a garage sale. It can be found online, though, so check it out if this sounds fun.
  The game's central, gross-out theme is that the playing pieces are bugs that get squished. They are made with modeling dough using a press. If your bug gets squished, you start again with another bug. As more squished bugs fill the board, game play speeds up because you skip any occupied space.
  The game forces you to think a little differently because each player uses two playing-piece bugs at a time. Make sure you play with two dice or play goes too slowly, especially with only two players. We have replaced the original dough with Play-Doh, and it works fine.
  Sensitive children might not be able to handle the disappointment of having their playing pieces get squished. But young children enjoy making bugs and squishing them, rolling the dice and pretending to play.
  Splat! is a good game for kinetic learners because molding the playing pieces and splatting them adds a lot of action to a game that otherwise centers on counting and colors.
  For ages 5 and older (younger if you don't worry about rules), 2-4 players. Cost: At this writing, there are four listed on ebay with bids starting at $10, plus about $10 shipping.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Mrs. Buhr said...

Hi! I am a second grade teacher in Illinois. I use this game in my classroom. My students love it! Sometimes we play it according to the rules, other times they have to draw a card and correctly answer a questions before they are allowed to roll the dice. The students are amazed that I got this for my birthday when I was a little girl. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and interactive game!

Nana said...

We have had this game for years. Just got it out again last weekend. We had a 24 pack of different "dough" colors so 9 of us played. It was just as fun! My grandkids loved it as much as my kids used to!